Commitment to rural and sustainable tourism

Get away from mass tourism and enjoy a different vacation in tune with nature in one of the greenest areas of Galician tourism.

Unique natural spaces

We are located in a natural region characterized by the beautiful valley of the Ulla river, known for its evergreen vegetation and populated by rich forests and rivers, pazos, mountains and caves. An ideal destination if we want to avoid mass tourism and enjoy a relaxing holiday, explore towns and get lost in nature in an area of ​​inland Galicia rarely frequented by tourism.

pico sacro actividades maria manuela

Pico Sacro


The summit of the Pico Sacro rises majestically above the valley of Ulla, reaching 533 meters above sea level, allowing one of the greatest panoramic views of Galicia.

Its solitary profile, observable from a long distance, constitutes a strategic enclave next to which communication routes have been traced since Roman times and has been used as an element of territorial structuring.

The legendary Pico Sacro attracts the attention of anyone who looks at its silhouette. The fact that it is an isolated peak makes it a reference point for pilgrims.

capilla de san paio turismo sostenible

Área Natural da Capela de San Paio


One of the most complete and beautiful places in Boqueixón. Next to this chapel in the parish of Codeso we can see a waterfall, several restored mills, a miraculous fountain and, following a simple path less than a kilometre downstream, more mills and a second waterfall, all immersed in a lush and almost intact forest of banks of the Galician river.

santa cruz ribadulla actividades maria manuela

Pazo de Santa Cruz de Rivadulla


Declared a good of cultural interest. Private property that can be accessed to visit its Renaissance garden of reference in Galicia, where the camellia stands out. The garden is one of the most fascinating botanical spaces in Galicia due to its extraordinary diversity and ornamental richness, as well as its botanical and landscape value.

mirador gundian actividades maria manuela

Miradoiro de Gundián


It offers magnificent views over the river Ulla narrowing in the cave passage. This pass is currently guarded by the old railway bridge, the Gundián bridge, which is just a few metres from the modern A.V.E. Crossing the bridge, on the other side, is the Gundián rural recreation area, which also allows you to enjoy this magnificent natural environment.

alto do castro actividades maria manuela

Miradoiro do Alto do Castro


Natural elevation at the foot of the Camino de Santiago from where the views extend to the Pico Sacro (the most mythical mountain in Galicia) and the meanders of the river Ulla. Impressive view of the Gundián bridges, colossal works of civil engineering representing different periods.

illas de gres actividades maria manuela

Área recreativa das Illas de Gres

Vila de Cruces

Located in the southwest area of the municipality, it is at the foot of the old bridge that crosses the Ulla River. The four small islands are linked by bridges and are of great scenic beauty. The area, under large oak trees, has tables, benches, stone grills for the use and enjoyment of visitors, as well as a beautiful river beach.


Is your thing to practice sports in nature? If you are attracted to practicing sports, doing activities such as cycling, mountaineering, or hiking in the natural environment in a respectful way with the environment, you are in the right place. Rivers with clean waters, hundreds of unique natural spaces a quarter of an hour from Santiago. Very close to the Gundián bridge over the beautiful Ulla river and the Pico Sacro.

san xuan da cova actividades maria manuela

Ruta de San Xoán da Cova


This route runs along the right bank of the Ulla River, taking advantage of roads, fishing trails and already marked paths.

– Distance: 11,2 km

– Time: 3 h

– Difficulty: low

– Starting and finishing point: Mirador de Gundián / Cubelas recreational area

– Circular: no


ruta ribeira ulla actividades maria manuela

Ruta da Ribeira do Ulla


This route goes through the parishes of Novefontes, Fao and Ribeira, all of them in the municipality of Touro.

– Distance: 15 km

– Time: 4 h

– Difficulty: low

– Starting and finishing point: Ponte Basebe / Pozo do Pego

– Circular: no


ruta puente a puente rios maria manuela

Ruta ‘De puente a puente’


The route runs parallel to the river Ulla in the section of the Rede Natura 2000 network that links Ponte Remesquide (in the parish of Ribeira, municipality of Touro) and Ponteledesma (in the municipality of Boqueixón). It is a linear route that runs along three types of tracks: mostly on fishing trails, some sections run along a wider path and very little on tracks or roads with little traffic.

– Distance: 9 km

– Time: 2 h

– Difficulty: low

– Starting and finishing point: Ponte Remesquide (Touro) / Ponte Ledesma (Boqueixón)

– Circular: no


nature tourism trail

Sendero del Deza


The Deza Trail is a linear route, back and forth along the same route that links three emblematic places in the Deza region: Fervenza do Toxa, A Carixa River Beach and Carboeiro Monastery.

– Distance: 6 km

– Time: 2 horas

– Difficulty: low

– Starting and ending point: Fervenza do Toxa / Carboeiro Monastery

– Circular: no


route three rivers waterfalls hiking

Ruta de los Tres Ríos

PR-G 121

The Three Rivers Route PR-G 121 runs through the parishes of Touro, Fao, Cornado and Novefontes, all of them in the municipality of Touro.

– Distance: 10 km

– Time: 3 h

– Difficulty: low

– Starting and finishing point: recreational area of A Santaia / Ponte Basebe

– Circular: no


gundian bridges hiking

Ruta de Castro

PR-G 196

It is a circular route that runs through the parish of San Miguel de Castro, dominated by the archaeological site of El Coto and washed by the river Ulla.

– Distance: 10,80 km

– Time: 4 h

– Difficulty: medium

– Starting and finishing point: Nuestra Señora de las Angustias Chapel

– Circular: yes